Meet Our Staff

The Growing Tree II has a very culturally diverse staff who brings knowledge and experience to our classrooms. Each teacher is committed to our students ensuring that they create productive learning environments for our students. Our staff is also extremely involved with our parent community establishing close relationships and open communication with parents. We encourage small class size and do not exceed more than 20 students per classroom. We adhere closely to teacher/student ratio and make sure that students are supervised and cared for. We are extremely grateful for the teachers that we have at The Growing Tree II and their hard work and dedication to our center and children. We value their presence among our school community greatly.


Sandra Vasquez, Director

Charlene Borelli, Supervisor

Jacqueline Aviles, Administrative Assistant

Destiny Villafane, Administrative Assistant


Baby Butterfly Room

Ms. Irma, Head Teacher, Ms. Lydia, TA, Ms. Gisella, TA, Ms. Britany, TA, Ms. Destiny, TA

Little Feet Express

Ms. Olivia, Head Teacher, Ms. Kathy, TA, Ms. Ivanna, TA

Shining Stars Room

Ms. Jennifer S, Head Teacher, Ms. Euridice, TA, Ms. Lina, TA,   Ms. Christina, TA

Jungle Room

Ms. Virginia, Head Teacher, Ms. Lilian, TA, Ms. Mayra, TA

Circus Room

Ms. Charlene, Head Teacher, Ms. Jessica, TA, Ms. Diana, TA

Kitchen Staff

Sonia Stafford, Cook