A non-refundable $50.00 application fee will be due at the time of application.

Please remember attendance is mandatory – if you are out more than 10 days or erratic, The Growing Tree II may terminate you from the program.

School policy requires payment of tuition whether your child is absent, on vacation or a school holiday. All fees are subject to change. 30 days’ notice is required for termination. If 30 days’ notice is not given, you may be responsible for a full month’s tuition. Your initial deposit of ½ months tuition will be applied to your last month’s tuition. However, you are still responsible to pay the balance of tuition after the deposit has been applied.

Tuition is due by the 1st of every month. Payments received after the 5th, will result in $35.00 late fee. Payments not received by the 12th may result in suspension of services. If payment and late fees are not received by the 20th of the month your child will be terminated from the program.

A $10.00 bank fee will be charged for any bounced or returned checks. Money orders are required for future payments.

A $1.00 per minute fee will be charged for late pick-ups and due immediately. A 30 days notice is required to remove any child from the program.

You can click on the links below in order to download documents that will help you in the enrollment process.

Waiting List
Enrollment Application
Parents Handbook